Snakes & the City #004 – Leiden

One more snake enjoys observant passersby in Leiden. The reactions are mostly positive, a bit of surprise, but mostly a smile.  And that’s it: let’s make people smiling.

* * *

Kolejny wąż cieszy uważnych obserwatorów w Lejdzie. Reakcje są głównie pozytywne, odrobina zdziwienia ale głównie uśmiech.  I o to chodzi: wywoływać uśmiech.


One thought on “Snakes & the City #004 – Leiden

  1. Hello from the Lionheart Project UK

    We love the work you do in spreading a little woollen joy around the world.

    As part of our project for the Cultural Olympiad 2012 in London, we are asking our crochet, knitting and yarnbombing friends to create a piece inspired by Shauna Richardson’s crocheted lions.

    Check out the website –
    download a tag from the guerrilla pages and get involved. With your help we can inspire even more woolly practitioners to brighten our urban landscapes.

    many thanks
    Mark R / Lionheart Project

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