LionHeart Project & Me

Holiday stay in Porto (PT) has resulted in another work dedicated to LionHeartProject: Big Daddy Shark. Now you can also … More

Shark Attack @ Porto (PT): ten little Sharkys.

Sharks! Sharks Everywhere! Help! Yes, it’s “Shark Attack” ! Here are, as promised in previous post, the whole bunch of … More

Big Daddy Shark in Porto (PT)

Captivated by the city of Porto and the ocean, inspired by the local street art, this time I created a … More

Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Temporary Travel Tag

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Monster Foot @ Porto (PT)

Oh yes. I’m just on holiday in Portugal. Courtesy of friends who have invited us here, I can enjoy this … More

Monster Foot Madness @ Rotterdam

Today Maluca Yarnbombing presents two new yarnbombs from last weekend : ).  Once again my favorite recently Monster Foot. I … More