Granny Chairs and Hatrack

Workshop at Carnisse – a place where local residents come togethe. Long wooden table can give place for a hobby … More

Crochet Bike – Yarnbombing for Charity

I always wanted to try to “dress up” bike in woolen outfit. I was recently offered the excellent opportunity to … More

OOSHAKY vol. 3 – One Week Later

Just as planned, a week after installing Ooshaky, done the next round. Visited all fifteen place where they are. Well, … More

“OOSHAKY” vol. 3

Throughout the summer I gathered quite big collection of Oosaky ready-to-install in the city. Using a beautiful Sunday,  went today … More

Photo Gallery of “OOSHAKY” Project vol. 2

Look at how well they find themselves among the people and how people feel their presence.

“OOSHAKY” vol. 2

Spring in Holland this year is not too kind. Enough cold and rain, but last Sunday was great. Warm and … More

Photo Gallery of “OOSHAKY” Project.

Look at how well they find themselves among the people and how people feel their presence.


It was a very pleasant Sunday. Beautiful weather, warm and sunny. I just felt in the air coming spring. A great … More

Yarnbomber observations: knitted “Monster Foot” in fact life.

First, I must admit that I really like “Monster Foot” as a guerilla knitting project.  It’s easy and simple to … More

Monster Foot Madness @ Rotterdam

Today Maluca Yarnbombing presents two new yarnbombs from last weekend : ).  Once again my favorite recently Monster Foot. I … More

LionHeart Project & Me

Recently I did two yarnbombs (Monster Foot @ Antwerp & Monster @ Rotterdam) specifically for the Lionheart Project UK. Now … More

Monster @ Rotterdam

From the first moment I saw a knitted “Monster Foot” I knew I had to do it myself. Immediately afterwards, … More

Snakes & the City #006 – Rotterdam

One week after Yarnbombing Day I still think it was the coolest day lately. Well, my yarnstorms of That Day … More

“Paint the World” for International Yarnbombing Day June 11th 2011

Yes, today was That Day – everywhere around the word all yarnbombers, guerilla knitters, yarn graffiters or how they say … More

Snakes & the City #005 – Rotterdam

Today I have new one  in Rotterdam:  Baby Snake.  Small but brave kid, alone in the big city. * * … More