Crochet Bike – Yarnbombing for Charity

I always wanted to try to “dress up” bike in woolen outfit. I was recently offered the excellent opportunity to … More

OOSHAKY vol. 3 – One Week Later

Just as planned, a week after installing Ooshaky, done the next round. Visited all fifteen place where they are. Well, … More


It was a very pleasant Sunday. Beautiful weather, warm and sunny. I just felt in the air coming spring. A great … More

Secret of Devil’s Horns in Mozelos (PT)

This story was long awaited for publication. A constant deficiency of the time for all my projects is a reason. … More

Pan Ignacy / Sir Ignatius

Ignacy Łukasiewicz był ważna postacią w historii regionu i kraju. Przyczynił się do rozwoju przemysłu naftowego, wynalazł lampę naftową. Szanuję … More

LionHeart Project & Me

My last holiday stay in Lisbon (PT) has resulted in another work dedicated to LionHeartProject: Mr. D.Evil. Now you can … More


Today I’m pleased to present four of Mad Devils in Lisbon. They ture there for some time and I hope … More

Mr D. E V I L @ Lisbon

Long time since returned from holiday in Portugal, but I still remember them. Actually lives in the memories … Fortunately, … More

Yarnbomber observations: knitted “Monster Foot” in fact life.

First, I must admit that I really like “Monster Foot” as a guerilla knitting project.  It’s easy and simple to … More

Chicken Foot @ Lisbon

One more time there is knitted foot in my guerilla activities. This time the Chicken Foot, in sunny yellow color. … More

LionHeart Project & Me

Holiday stay in Porto (PT) has resulted in another work dedicated to LionHeartProject: Big Daddy Shark. Now you can also … More

Shark Attack @ Porto (PT): ten little Sharkys.

Sharks! Sharks Everywhere! Help! Yes, it’s “Shark Attack” ! Here are, as promised in previous post, the whole bunch of … More

Big Daddy Shark in Porto (PT)

Captivated by the city of Porto and the ocean, inspired by the local street art, this time I created a … More

Monster Foot @ Porto (PT)

Oh yes. I’m just on holiday in Portugal. Courtesy of friends who have invited us here, I can enjoy this … More